Possible Rental Venues in the Greenville Area

Ayden Community Bldg    252-746-7028
Bachelor's Benedict    252-758-2800
Barnes, Ebron & Taft Community Ctr.    252-329-4567
400 Saint Andrews (former site of the Beef Barn)    252-353-7379
Best Western     252-752-2378
Boyd Lee Park     252-329-4550
Boys and Girls Club (Fire Tower Rd.)      252-355-2345
Boys and Girls Club (Belvoir Hwy.)    252-752-0721
Bradford Creek Golf Club      252-329-4653
Brook Valley Country Club      252-756-4400
City Hotel & Bistro      252-355-8300
CM Eppes Cultural Ctr.     252-902-1975
CM Eppes Middle School     252-756-2160
Convention Center      252-321-7671
Cornerstone Family Life Ctr.     252-752-4156
Courtyard by Marriott     252-329-2900
Debu CafĂ©     252-321-1721
Drew Steel Center     252-329-4650
East Carolina Inn     252-752-2122 or 800-842-6576
Eastern Pines Banquet Hall     252-752-7420
Eppes Ctr. / Thomas Foreman Park     252-329-4548
Farmville Community Ctr.     252-753-5116
Farmville Community Council     252-753-3832
First Pentecostal Church (Multi-purpose Ctr.)     252-714-9121 or 714-9192
Golden Corral Family Restaurant     252-756-4412
Greenville Aquatic & Fitness Ctr.     252-329-4041
Greenville Convention Center     252-321-7671
Greenville Country Club     252-756-1237
Greenville Museum of Art     252-758-1946
Grifton Depot     252-524-4161
Hampton Greenville     252-355-3861
Hibachi Grill & Restaurant     252-321-8882
Hilton Greenville     252-355-9500
Holiday Inn Express     252-754-8300
Hope Lodge     252-321-2941 800-ACS-2345
Humane Society of Eastern Carolina     252-413-7247
Ironwood Country Club     252-752-4653
Jackson Banquet Hall     252-327-8091
Jarvis Memorial Church (Multi-purpose Ctr.)     252-752-3101
Jaycee Park     252-329-4567
Jaycees (Greenville)     252-931-2854
JH Rose High School     252-321-3640
K&W Cafeteria     252-756-7577
Kiwanis Club     252-758-7474 or 252-746-6800
McAlisters Restaurant     252-355-8000 (30-40 people)
Mocha     252-347-8592
National Guard Armory     252-756-8682
Phillippi Missionary Baptist Church (Multi-purpose Ctr     252-758-9658
Pitt Community College     252-493-7200Pitt County Fairgrounds     252-758-6916
Pitt County Shrine Club    252-756-7090
Pitt Recreational Complex     252-902-1975
Rep Express    252-353-7379
River Park North Science & Nature Ctr.     252-329-4562
Rock Springs/Jockey Club     252-830-8900
Rotary Club     252-830-4850
RV Center (Bradford Creek Coach & RV Ctr.)     252-752-8886
Senior Citizens Complex     252-825-9112
Sheppard Memorial Library (Reference Room)     252-329-4580
Sports Connection     252-215-9090
South Greenville Recreation Ctr.     252-329-4549
Town Common     252-329-4543
VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars)     252-758-3251
Village of Yesteryear     252-329-4200 252-756-5432
Viquest Rental Facility     252-847-6501
Wingate Inn     252-355-4283
Winterville Community Room     252-756-1105
Winterville Moose Lodge     252-756-0885
Wright Auditorium     252-328-6269
Yankee Hall Plantation    252-944-6969

Payments of Deposit or Rent may be mailed to:

Pitt County Post 39

P.O. Box 21

Greenville, NC 27835-0021

Thanks for considering us-

Here is a copy of our standard rental contract in the event you wish to plan an event in the future. This explains our requirements.

In case the day you want has already been rented, you can check with the other Legion posts for availability, but I have infrequent contact with them, so I can't speak to their availability - tell them I referred you.

Post 160 in Greenville, 1700 Chestnut Street - Joe Daniels, 252 714-5859

Post 151, Bynum Drive, Farmville - David Gay, 252 227-1889.

A list of other places in the area you might be able to rent is at the bottom of this page. I have no affiliation with them, so you will have to ask them for details.

Interior View of our hall

Set up for our meeting

-------------------> Rental Summary:

If  we do not receive $200.00 Security & Cleaning Deposit within 10 DAYS of your inquiry, I will not hold the day for you. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Friday, Saturday and Sundays, Base rental is $600 per day. Mondays, most Tuesdays and most Thursdays, $500 per day.  Wednesdays we use the building for our open-to-the-public Bingo games. You are welcome to stop in any Wednesday evening from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM to inspect our facility.

To reserve a day, a $200 security deposit is required. You may pay this with cash or money order.  This is in addition to the rent, so you are looking at $800.00 up front. This is taken on a first-come, first-served basis, and on receipt of this deposit, the day will be reserved for you. Upon completion of your event, if building and grounds are left clean, we return the $200. (some renters have left it untidy, we use that money to pay for housekeeping to restore the facility to a presentable condition). You have up until ten days before your planned event to pay the rent.

If you plan to serve alcohol,  an additional $100 is added to rent ($700), and  you must have a permit from NC ABC ($50, payable to them). See detailed information in our Rental Agreement. Under North Carolina ABC Rules, you cannot sell admission tickets to your event if you serve alcohol.

If you use our stove, an additional $50 fee is charged, the refrigerator is free. Kitchen has two double sinks and food prep area.

We have 250 chairs, 29 eight foot long rectangular tables. We supply toilet paper and paper towels and now, trash bags, as well as cleaning materials for your use to restore the building in the condition you found it in order to get your full $200.00 deposit back.

Please feel free to let me know if you have other questions.

Bob Sheck, Post 39 Rental Agent